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About Us.

The Going Green Conferences (GGCs) started as the “Going Green in Public Health Facilities” conferences in Cape Town, South Africa as a platform to enable technical experts to discuss real world working solutions towards achieving optimal efficiencies within the public health sector's infrastructural services and maintenance for three consecutive years. The GGCs have evolved to focus on the broader infrastructural portfolio that includes educational, health and general facilities, owing to growing interests by conference delegates. The GGC conference delegates comprise a wide variety of built environment experts from the private and public sectors from both local and international. GreenBDG provides an open access platform conference to encourage industry wide participation in developing the Building Efficiency Standards (BES) document which intends to provide guidance to professionals participating within public and the private sector infrastructure projects. This working document has been developed by both private and public sector experts at the 3rd GGC to ensure consistency and importance of environmental protection. The 5th GGC delegates will continue to develop the document and once completed, it will freely available to both public and private sector


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